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New play prep2Coming off a very success Christmas play last year Almanarah Presbyterian Church in London is hard back at working coming up with a new script for this year’s Christmas play. the congregation has been bring ideas together and have even started Rehearsals but the name of the actual play has not been officially released. The Minister of Almanarah Rev. William Khalil has written the script and will be producing again. Award winning director Matthew Marshall has come back on board to direct the play again.  It will again be in Arabic which poses an issue for Marshall in directing a play in a different language but it is something he is familiar with from last year’s play Dream House. So Marshall is somewhat accustom to what it takes. Marshall is of course still promoting his award winning Christian feature film Daughter of the King that has won 17 awards. He is also busy with 12 Disciples a Christian film company that he is partners in. But he is finding time to also direct this newest play. The rehearsals are in the very early stage and the cast is made up of members of the congregation. Dream house was so successful they recorded it and made it into a movie that is still finishing up post production of music and official translation.

Marshall is hoping for a fall release or possibly just before the Christmas season. A premiere of the movie is in the planning stages. However a lot of focus is on the new play which Marshall did reveal a bit of the plot. ‘This one is set in modern times but does have a bit of a mirror image to the life of Christ. A doctor goes to a remote location to help others and is not wanted by a powerful man that is the Mayor of the area that the doctor goes to” Says Marshall about the new plot.  Past that Marshall says “Wait and see” He does promise more updates and the time draws near and he is hopefully to raise more awareness and attention about the play in the community. The plan is to have more than one showing of the play. Dream House was originally shown once at Christmas 2014 and was remounted in May 2015 for a second one show event. But the interest in the newest play has led to plans for at least a two show run or possibly more for this one.

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