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He was Here 8 x 11

Dates for the performance of the new Christian play He Was Here by Rev. William Khalil and to be performed by Almanarah’s drama team have been official announced. Saturday December 12th at 7:00 pm is the first show and the second show will be the following Saturday December 19th at 7|:00 pm as well. The show is the churches Christmas production.  The name of the play He Was Here is in reference to the story line of a doctor that comes to help a village in Egypt which is a parallel story line to Jesus Christ mission here on earth.

This is Almanarah Presbyterian Church in London's second Christian production done by the church with help from one of the church’s elders and Youth Leader Matthew Marshall who is an award winning director that is behind the award winning feature film Daughter of the King that has won 18 awards at various film festivals. The film also has four Official Sections including its most recent being an Official Selection at the Big Cross Los Angeles Christian Film Festival. Which will take place in early November.

 Marshall has spent many years doing Christian drama and Christian films. He brings his experience and expertise to the group.  Almanarah’s first play was called the Dream House and was a huge success with a performance in December of 2014 and a follow up show in May 2015.  The production was so successful that the play was recorded and a movie version was made.

 The new production “He Was Here” features almost the entire same cast as Dream House but in different roles.  The members of the church are rehearsing and preparing the play for performance for two shows in December. Rev William Khalil the minister at Almanarah is excited as the drama team prepares for the production. The Tickets for the play are $15 and included dinner and prizes. 

He was Here's Facebook page can be found at  https://www.facebook.com/HE-WAS-HERE-408302906031921/timeline/

Information about the play can alos be found on Almanarah’s Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/groups/AlmanarahLondon/

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