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DOTK show Almanarah 8 x 11


The showing of the award winning independent Christian film Daughter of the King at Almanarah Presbyterian Church is only one month away.  Excitement heading into the showing is increasing as the film draws closer to adding to its award total in film festivals. Currently the film has won 18 awards worldwide and has also had three official nominations and two official selections at other festivals.  Including most recently a prestige Film Award in the category of Religion. The film’s director Matthew Marshall has won four awards for directing of the film himself.  The film’s awards and accomplishments will be on display at Almanarah, as well as the film program 12 Disciples which Marshall is a founding member and will also have materials explaining the program on display.

The film’s themes focus on the Christian theme of freedom by grace and that everyone regardless what they have done in their past is precious and valuable in the eyes of God. 

The film also has themes of the very hot topic and social justice issue of human trafficking and debt slavery.

Daughter of the King follows Ashley Miller (Debra van Gaalen) as she rebuilds herself after a drug filled episode trying to live a normal life.  An outstanding debt gets her pulled back into the underworld that is ruled by Haydar (Florin Marksteiner), a ruthless man that forces her into slavery. She becomes his property. Ashley is forced to prostitute and deal drugs hoping to regain her freedom. The abuse that comes from all sides and in all forms crushes her to the ground making her believe she's worthless. In the darkest moments Nadia (Kelsea Meredith), her close friend, descends in her life like an angel bringing her back to the light and setting her free.

Marshall is a Port Stanley and the film features a cast entirely from South-Western Ontario. The complete movie was filmed in London and area (London, St Thomas, Port Stanley, and Sparta) including some scenes being filmed at Almanarah Presbyterian Church.

The showing will take place on Saturday October 17th, 2015 and will start at 7:00pm sharp. Following the movie presentation, Marshall will have a Q & A and also give people a chance to meet him.  Admission to the showing is a donation and a portion of the proceeds are going to support Almanarah Presbyterian Church, London and to help fight to end human trafficking.



Daughter of the KIng's IMDb Link :  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3174610/combined

DOTK Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/DaughteroftheKingMovie

ALMANARAH Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AlmanarahLondon/

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