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Ordination finalPastor N. William Khalil was born and raised in a Presbyterian family in Egypt. He is married to Jonia, and they have two children Andrew (19) and Eric (14). Khalil’s family immigrated to Canada in 2001, carrying a strong vision to begin an Arabic ministry and develop a church home for Arabic speakers. William has been serving and leading worship since 1984. He started his ministry, here in London, in 2004. Dreams have become realities! The Presbytery of London constituted the congregation to be Almanarah Presbyterian Church in May 24, 2009, and in June 20, 2010 Almanarah moved to her new home.

William B.Th., B.Com., has completed successfully all the Denominational requirements courses at Knox College, The University of Toronto in April 2012. He received and accepted the Call from Almanarah Presbyterian Church, where he started and still serving, to be ordained minister of Word and Sacrament, and October 21, 2012 was the service of his ordination and induction.

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