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You see, sometimes God doesn't answer our prayers, but we can't just be mad forever and not talk or thank God for all the other good things in ourhannah 1 life.  God knows what's 
best so there's always a good reason why he hasn't answered your prayer
Finally Hannah did the only thing she knew that she could do to help her situation.  One evening when they had finished eating and drinking Hannah went to the temple and began to pray

When Hannah prayed she was very honest with how she was feeling.  She sometimes cried a lot and probably felt like God had forgotten her.  But while she was praying she promised God, "Dear God, if you would only look and see how sad I am and remember me, please give me a son.  If you would do that for me I will dedicate my son to you for his whole life" 

As Hannah was praying there was a man named Eli, a priest, who was sitting nearby and saw her.  While Hannah was praying she was praying to herself, her lips were moving but Eli couldn't hear her say anything.  We can pray just like this to if we need to,  we can pray to God in our head so no one can hear 

Hannah had waited so long for this child and she loved him so much, but she remembered that she made a promise to God.  Hannah was an honest woman and when she made a promise she meant it.  Again, Hannah had a good attitude and wanted to give Samuel back to God, she wasn't mad at herself and change her mind.  Hannah kept her promise 

-Be encouraged , always pray and don't say it  is impossible , say nothing is impossible to God, always give thanks to the lord even if you don't have the thing that you pray for.  it is a big challenge in your live trust in God and he will do the best for you




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