About Our Ministry

Almanarah Presbyterian Church London is an Arabic Christian community. Members have come to Canada

from Egypt, Iraq, Jordon, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, and other countries! We are a dedicated group of Christians bringing Christ’s message of love, hope, and salvation to Arabic and non-Arabic speaking families and individuals in London Ontario and beyond.

Almanarah started as a small group of believers coming together to worship in a home. A word of appreciation and gratitude must be said to Summerside Community Church in London for hosting this ministry from Fall 2004 – summer 2008.

Since then God has had his hands upon us. As we have grown in faith and in numbers. In November 2008, the ministry moved to the North of London, where St. George Presbyterian Church in London became a gracious host to Almanarah from Fall 2008 to Summer 2010.

Almanarah Presbyterian Church was constituted by The Presbytery of London as a congregation within the Presbyterian Church of Canada on May 24th 2009. In June of 2010, the impossible became possible! Almanarah Church moved into its new home at 250 Hamilton Road, London, Ontario. Since that time we have set out on our Christian Mission with renewed zeal.